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methodological +‎ -ly


methodologically (comparative more methodologically, superlative most methodologically)

  1. In a methodological manner.
  2. (domain) From the perspective of methodology.
    Methodologically, Wiktionary represents an implementation of the descriptive approach to linguistics and specifically to grammar.
    • 1974, Susan Haack, Deviant Logic: some philosophical issues,
      Since it is methodologically desirable that a test of an hypothesis should be as stringent as possible, the strongest possible logic should be used in deriving consequences from the hypothesis, so that its class of potential falsifiers should be as inclusive as possible.
    • 1992, Frank Hutson Gregory, Logic and Meaning in Conceptual Models: Implications for Information System Design,
      Once these things have been decided, collecting the real world data will be, methodologically, fairly simple.
    • 2006, Paul D. Hastings, Johanna Vyncke, Caroline Sullivan, Kelly E. McShane, Michael Benibgui, William Utendale, Children's Development of Social Competence Across Family Types,
      We first provide one example of a study with serious methodological limitations, and then give greater attention to methodologically superior studies.