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Perhaps a corruption of marble.


mib (plural mibs)

  1. (games) A marble (glass ball used in games), especially one used as a target.
    • 2002, Norah L. Lewis, Freedom to Play: We Made Our Own Fun, page 114,
      On my first shot of the last game, I hit two mibs, my shooter and one marble exiting the ring, but leaving a snooger, which is a “commie rat” target marble near the rim of the ring.
    • 2002 May, Sean McCollum, For All the Marbles, Boys' Life, page 28,
      Thirteen five-eighths-inch marbles (“mibs”) are set in a cross in the center. Each mib should be three inches from its neighboring mib. Each player shoots with a “shooter,” a marble that's one-half to three-quarter inches in diameter.
    • 2011, Sean Kelly, At the Crossroads: A Teacher's Journey to Understanding Classroom Conflict, Peter Gouzouasis (editor), Pedagogy in a New Tonality, page 36,
      He focused on the mib on the edge of the group inside the circle. The blue one was his favourite and he had it right where he wanted it.
  2. (in the plural) A game of marbles.