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From Middle English mikelnes, a unpalatalised variant (due to influence from Old Norse mikill) of Middle English michelnesse, from Old English miċelnes (greatness, size, mass, quantity, multitude, abundance, magnificence, great deed), equivalent to mickle +‎ -ness. Cognate with Old High German michilnessi (greatness, magnitude). See also muchness.


mickleness (uncountable)

  1. Greatness; bigness (in any sense); largeness; size.
    • 1905, Stopford Augustus Brooke, The history of early English literature:
      "There is in Britain a fen of unmeasured mickleness that begins from the river Granta, not far from the city which is called Grantaceaster.
    • 1995, Walter Hilton, The Goad of Love:
      [...] and for to show also the wonderful mickleness of hatred that thou hadst to my sin which I had made.