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micro- +‎ insult


microinsult (plural microinsults)

  1. (sociology) A form or instance of microaggression that demeans a person's racial heritage or identity.
    • 2017, Kevin L. Nadal, The SAGE Encyclopedia of Psychology and Gender, SAGE Publications, →ISBN, page 1182:
      In contrast to microassaults, microinsults and microinvalidations function as unconscious expressions of sexist ideals, making them more difficult to detect. Microinsults are characterized by covert expressions of ethnocentrism and patriarchy. Gender-based microinsults convey hidden offensive messages, while the perpetrators may remain unaware of the negative connotations reflected by their words and actions.


microinsult (third-person singular simple present microinsults, present participle microinsulting, simple past and past participle microinsulted)

  1. (rare) To engage in the practice of making microinsults.
    • 2010, Derald Wing Sue, Microaggressions and Marginality: Manifestation, Dynamics, and Impact, →ISBN, page 223:
      For example, changing seats to be further away from a LGBT person would be microinsulting, while creating an environment where someone feels pushed to "stay in the closet" can be considered microinvalidating. Second, the heterosexist and homonegative behaviors may appear to be harmless but may have a cumulative impact on the LGBT recipient of these microaggressions.
    • 2010, Michele Antoinette Paludi, Feminism and Women's Rights Worldwide, →ISBN, page 163:
      Depending on the consciousness and intent of his actions, these may be considered microassaults or microinsults. Similarly hostile sexism may also take microassaultive, microinsulting, or microinvalidating forms.