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midget-minded (comparative more midget-minded, superlative most midget-minded)

  1. (colloquial, pejorative) Small-minded, stupid.
    • 1949, John Joseph O'Neill, Engineering the New Age, I. Washburn, page 289,
      Because of this situation we are producing year after year crops of intellectually-dwarfed and midget-minded graduates whose limitations make them easy victims for compliance with a continuation of the system.
    • 1973 February 28, “The Destroyers Strike!”, editorial in The Advocate, number 106, quoted in Michael Bronski, Culture Clash: The Making of Gay Sensibility, South End Press (1984), ISBN 0896082172, page 148,
      The midget-minded masochists among us, it seems, cannot bear even the slightest hint of progress toward law reform and justice for Gays.
    • 1998, Charlotte Vale Allen, Matters of the Heart, Island Nation Press LLC, ISBN 1892738058, page 212,
      [] They’re the tedious little drones who refer, with fabricated ennui, to the tiresome habits of their midget-minded husbands. []
    • 2006, Gordon L. Patzer, The Power and Paradox of Physical Attractiveness, Universal Publishers, ISBN 1581124430, page 123,
      We respect people who “stand tall” or who possess “stature,” but we lower our expectations for the “midget-minded” or those with “Napoleon complexes” and castigate negative actions with promulgating biases about “stooping really low” or “belittling.”