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midget-minded (comparative more midget-minded, superlative most midget-minded)

  1. (colloquial, pejorative) Small-minded, stupid.
    • 1949, John Joseph O'Neill, Engineering the New Age, I. Washburn, page 289,
      Because of this situation we are producing year after year crops of intellectually-dwarfed and midget-minded graduates whose limitations make them easy victims for compliance with a continuation of the system.
    • 1973 February 28, “The Destroyers Strike!”, editorial in The Advocate, number 106, quoted in Michael Bronski, Culture Clash: The Making of Gay Sensibility, South End Press (1984), →ISBN, page 148,
      The midget-minded masochists among us, it seems, cannot bear even the slightest hint of progress toward law reform and justice for Gays.
    • 1998, Charlotte Vale Allen, Matters of the Heart, Island Nation Press LLC, →ISBN, page 212,
      [] They’re the tedious little drones who refer, with fabricated ennui, to the tiresome habits of their midget-minded husbands. []
    • 2006, Gordon L. Patzer, The Power and Paradox of Physical Attractiveness, Universal Publishers, →ISBN, page 123,
      We respect people who “stand tall” or who possess “stature,” but we lower our expectations for the “midget-minded” or those with “Napoleon complexes” and castigate negative actions with promulgating biases about “stooping really low” or “belittling.”