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Old Spanish[edit]


From Latin mīlliārium (mile, milestone), from mīlle (one thousand).



migero m (plural migeros)

  1. Roman mile
    • c. 1250: Alfonso X, f. 17v.
      Et çerca daq́lla yſla que es aſſi llamada ay logar poro pueden yr a pie doze migeros por la oriella dela mar.
      And near the island with that name there is a place where they can go twelve miles on foot by the seashore.
    • Idem, Lapidario, f. 83v.
      […] ¬ dond ell comiença a correr faſta do entra en la mar, a dozientos migeros.
      […] and from where it starts running to where it enters the sea, there are two hundred miles.

Related terms[edit]


  • Spanish: mijero