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might +‎ -n't


  • (UK) IPA(key): /ˈmaɪt.n̩t/, /ˈmaɪʔ.n̩t/



  1. (Britain) might not (negative auxiliary[1])
    • 1931, Mary Hunter Austin, Starry Adventure (page 274)
      Her driver was new to the country; he mightn't be prepared for the leaping of the yellow water down dry arroyos, swift as the pouncings of a cat, or the snake-like slidings of tons of loosened rock and clay from the steep potreros []
    • 1963, Perry Mason, The Case of the Greek Goddess (Television Season 6, Episode 25)
      “But, mightn’t there have been something unusual about the Stimatis contract itself?” [Perry Mason cross-examining Roger Correll.]
    • 1974, Mario Vargas Llosa, Conversation in the Cathedral: A Novel, Harper & Row (First Rayo Edition, 2005), page 275:
      "But at night she would still think the same thing: mightn't it be that he wouldn't come to see her anymore?"


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