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shall +‎ -n't; contraction of shalln't or shall not.




  1. (Britain) Shall not.
    Shall we go to see a film this afternoon? No, we shan't.
    • 1922, Rex [Ellingwood] Beach, “chapter XXIV”, in Flowing Gold, New York, N.Y.: Grosset & Dunlap Publishers, by arrangement with Harper & Brothers, OCLC 5140023, page 290:
      That's not a threat, sir, for they have played fair with me, and I sha'n't sacrifice a penny of their money—unless they force me to do so. But—I'm in control. I'm sitting pretty. They can't unseat me, and I warn them not to try.

Usage notes[edit]

Dated and very rarely used in North America, where it may not be understood. Like shall, it may also be considered formal or pompous, or used in a parody of British English speakers.

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