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millenium (plural millenia or milleniums)

  1. Archaic spelling of millennium.
    • 1833, The Christian examiner and Church of Ireland magazine, page 780:
      But I think that this interval will be 1260 years: 1st , 1000 years of the millenium; 20, 260 years, the times of Gog and Magog; and the great assize, or judgment of the world, the sum of which is 1260 years.
    • 1838, I. Fellows (of Wolverhampton?), The Gradational Spelling-book (page 112)
      millenium, 1000 years: annuity, yearly income: annuitant; anniversary, the return of any particular day in the year; superannuated, disqualified by age. Septennial parliaments. A perennial plant. The Millenium was expected.
    • 1856, Tayler Lewis, The Bible and Science, page 109:
      Thus in the case of the 1,000 years, or the millenium, as it is commonly called, Mr. LORD is not only chargeable with this fallacy, but he makes it worse by mingling the two kinds of numbers together, in one arbitrary product.
  2. Misspelling of millennium.