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Etymology 1[edit]

Origin uncertain. Perhaps from an alteration of mammer; or from Middle Dutch mimmeren, mīmeren (to ponder); or from Old English mymerian, mimorian (to keep in mind, remember). See also mammer. Compare also Danish and Norwegian mimre (to reminisce).


mimmer (third-person singular simple present mimmers, present participle mimmering, simple past and past participle mimmered)

  1. (transitive, rare) To dote; dream; mammer.
    • 1892, George Darley, Sylvia: or, The May queen, a lyrical drama - Page 81:
      A mimmering driveller! — Shove him without! He's not worth torments.
    • 2007, Andreas Diesel, Dieter Gerten, Looking for Europe:
      One many rainbow all ways beginning To bring the mimmered underside Where may a new colour unravel the story In ever changing labyrinths [...]
Derived terms[edit]
Related terms[edit]

Etymology 2[edit]

Variation of mummer.


mimmer (plural mimmers)

  1. Alternative form of mummer
    • 2011, Daniel Diehl, Mark P Donnelly, Medieval Celebrations:
      Plays performed by troupes of medieval traveling players, or occasionally by a few daring townsfolk, were known as mummers' plays, and those who performed them were alternately known as mummers or mimmers.