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mind +‎ screw (to play with; to meddle)


mindscrew (plural mindscrews)

  1. (slang) Something that destabilizes, confuses, or manipulates a person's mind.



mindscrew (third-person singular simple present mindscrews, present participle mindscrewing, simple past and past participle mindscrewed)

  1. To destabilize, confuse, or manipulate a person's mind.
    • 1997, Howard Swindle, Trespasses: Portraits of a Serial Rapist, Penguin (1997), →ISBN:
      About half the detectives thought his return to the old neighborhood was proof positive that he was out of control; still others believed he had ice water running through his veins, maybe even mindscrewing the cops by rubbing their noses in the fact they couldn't stop him even though they suspected who he was
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:mindscrew.