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Alternative forms[edit]


from Old French menu vair (squirrel, squirrel fur), from menu (small) + vair (a type of fur)[1].



miniver (countable and uncountable, plural minivers)

  1. A light gray or white fur used to trim the robes of judges or state executives, also used in medieval times.
    • 1485, Sir Thomas Malory, chapter j, in Le Morte Darthur, book XII:
      Thenne came forth a lykely knyghte and wel apparaylled in scarlet furred with myneuer / And anone as he sawe syr launcelot / he demed that he shold be oute of his wytte / And thenne he said with fayre speche good man leye doune that swerd / for as me semeth / thow haddest more nede of slepe and of warme clothes / than to welde that swerd / As for that said syr Launcelot come not to nyȝ for and thow doo wete thou wel I will slee the



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