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misandristic (comparative more misandristic, superlative most misandristic)

  1. Exhibiting misandry; man-hating.
    • 2006, David Benatar, Cutting to the Core (page 36)
      If removing the preputial tissue curbs sexuality of both sexes and if, on the basis of curbing female sexuality, the removal of the female prepuce is misogynistic, then the removal of the male foreskin should be viewed as misandristic.
    • 2009, Jeffrey Merrick, Order and Disorder under the Ancien Régime (page 9)
      Réaumur attributed no such sentiments to the sexless workers who slaughtered the useless drones. The “frightful carnage” reminded him not of the misandristic Amazons, who rejected their male offspring, but of the virtuous yet brutal Spartans []


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