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From Middle English misholden, from Old English mishealdan (not to keep, to neglect, be careless), equivalent to mis- +‎ hold.


mishold (third-person singular simple present misholds, present participle misholding, simple past misheld, past participle misheld or (archaic) misholden)

  1. (transitive) To hold wrongly, badly, or amiss; lose hold (of); abuse; neglect.
    • 1971, Hamlet Bareh, Khasi fables and folk-tales:
      Kedang while attempting to catch hold of the safe, happened to mishold and fell in the lake where she was drowned; Saika's right hand was also in the safe, but it became stuck in its lid that she could no longer pull it out again.
    • 2006, Macherla Diwakar, A little of it:
      He says that wealth, along with sex and power, is the most sought after and misheld and misused by those who possess it.
    • 2011, Neal L. Veldenax, Baby Boomer Female Names:
      This would help lower my anxiety and make certain that I would not mishold, or God forbid, drop the precious package.


mishold (uncountable)

  1. A wrong, bad, or faulty hold.
    • 1896, Joseph Sanger Davies, Dolomite strongholds:
      There was no indecision, no mishold, no stone dislodged, and he possessed such marvellous breathing power, that on reaching a fair foothold he promptly turned and began to haul at the rope without pause or hesitation.
    • 1930, Virginia Tracy, The moment after - Page 231:
      A misstep, mishold, a hundredth of an instant's lack of balance.