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mod +‎ -able


moddable (comparative more moddable, superlative most moddable)

  1. (video games) That can be modded (modified by the end user).
    • 2006, Erik Guilfoyle, Half-Life 2 Mods for Dummies:
      This utility can easily open the compressed game files that were installed with the game so that you can gain access to all the moddable game files []
    • 2007, PC Hardware magazine
      To make things even more confusing, Garry's Mod is a "moddable" mod, meaning that users create modifications that plug into Garry's Mod itself.
    • 2009, Paul McFedries, Tweak It and Freak It: A Killer Guide to Making Windows Run Your Way
      Strip off that veneer and a whole world comes into view, one that's eminently hackable, moddable, tweakable, customizable, and personalizable.