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From (the stem of) Latin mōlīmen (effort).



moliminous (not comparable)

  1. (now rare, archaic) Momentous, weighty.
    • 1653, Marchamont Nedham, A True State of the Case of the Commonwealth:
      those great moliminous Bodies of Parlaments are but slow in motion, and attendance will quickly exhaust a good puzzle and patience, before any thing can be done [...].
    • 1660, Henry More, An Explanation of the Grand Mystery of Godliness, I.7.i:
      some Prophecies are not conditional but absolute, as certainly all those are that are of so vast and moliminous Concernment to the World as the appearing of the Messias is.
    • 1992, Sabrina P Ramet, Nationalism and Federalism in Yugoslavia, 1962-1991:
      But it had moliminous ramifications in the political system in two respects [...].
  2. (now rare, archaic) Laborious, involving or exerting great effort; arduous.
    • 1678, Ralph Cudworth, The True Intellectual System of the Universe, London 1820, vol IV:
      And thus may the slow and imperfect wits of mortals be satisfied, that Providence to the Deity is no moliminous, laborious and distractious thing.
    • 1985, John Fowles, A Maggot:
      All natural logick of expression in the elements is made thereby interrupted and most obscure, howe’er so skilled and moliminous the adeptist.