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From Proto-Albanian *mālā, akin to Ancient Greek μῆλον (mêlon, apple), Latin mālum (apple), either a cognate or borrowed from either of the two. Likely from a western dialect borrowed from Doric Greek.[1][2] A borrowing from Latin[3][4] would be unusually early, as the shift from to o, characteristic of inherited words, would not be paralleled in any other Latin loan. Direct inheritance is formally possible,[1] though dubious given the defined areal distribution and the absence of any clear cognate outside of it. See Ancient Greek μῆλον (mêlon) for further connections. Sense 2 is a common metaphor, compare Ancient Greek μῆλον (mêlon, cheek) etc.[5]


  • IPA(key): /ˈmɔɫə/, [mɔɫ]



mollë f (plural molla, definite molla)

  1. apple
    Synonym: mollçinë
  2. cheek
    Synonym: mollëz
    • From Rogovë, sung in Prizren[5]:
      Pes gishta na i ka dora, // Kater kom na i ka dhija, // Tri kam terezija, // E dy molla na i ka vajza. (northwestern Gheg)
      Five fingers has the hand, // Four legs has the goat, // Three legs the scales, // And two cheeks has the girl.



Derived terms



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