monarchical hero

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monarchical hero (plural monarchical heroes)

  1. A king, queen or other leader of a people who embarks on a quest or defeats or vanquishes a great evil for the general welfare of his/her followers and realm. Often synonymous with the Arthurian hero.
    • 2004, Hero Chalmers, Royalist Women Writers, 1650-1689, Oxford University Press, p. 89[1]:
      An English monarchical hero is also glimpsed in the Play's handling of Caeser.
    • 2005, Anat Biletzki, (Over)Interpreting Wittgenstein[2]:
      If this is not idolatry, then it is monarchical hero worship.
    • 2006, Roger T. Amies, Peter D. Hershock, Confucian Cultures of Authority, SUNY Press, p. 175[3]:
      Kang favored an activist, monarchical hero - a "Chinese Caeser" - to carry out institutional reform...