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Partly from Anglo-Norman queste, Old French queste ‎(acquisition, search, hunt), and partly from their source, Latin quaesta ‎(tribute, tax, inquiry, search), noun use of quaesita, the feminine past participle of quaerere ‎(to ask, seek).



quest ‎(plural quests)

  1. A journey or effort in pursuit of a goal (often lengthy, ambitious, or fervent); a mission.
    • William Shakespeare
      Cease your quest of love.
    • 2013 January 1, Katie L. Burke, “Ecological Dependency”[1], American Scientist, volume 101, number 1, page 64:
      In his first book since the 2008 essay collection Natural Acts: A Sidelong View of Science and Nature, David Quammen looks at the natural world from yet another angle: the search for the next human pandemic, what epidemiologists call “the next big one.” His quest leads him around the world to study a variety of suspect zoonoses—animal-hosted pathogens that infect humans.
  2. The act of seeking, or looking after anything; attempt to find or obtain; search; pursuit.
    to rove in quest of game, of a lost child, of property, etc.
  3. (obsolete) Request; desire; solicitation.
    • Herbert
      Gad not abroad at every quest and call / Of an untrained hope or passion.
  4. (obsolete) A group of people making search or inquiry.
  5. (obsolete) Inquest; jury of inquest.

Derived terms[edit]



quest ‎(third-person singular simple present quests, present participle questing, simple past and past participle quested)

  1. To seek or pursue a goal; to undertake a mission or job.
  2. To search for; to examine.
    (Can we find and add a quotation of Sir T. Herbert to this entry?)
  3. (entomology, of a tick) To locate and attach to a host animal.



From an old compound, whose constituents are que- (see ecco, Latin eccum) and Latin istum, accusative masculine singular of the pronoun iste.


quest ‎(feminine singular questa)

  1. this one, this
    Quest l'è un mond zneno, e nost mond.
    This is a small world, our world.
    Questa l'è una cittadina bela.
    This is a beautiful city.



From Latin ecce istum. Compare Italian questo.



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