money plant

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money plant (Lunaria annua)


money plant (plural money plants)

  1. Any of several plants with seeds, pods, fruit, or foliage that resemble coinage.
    1. A herbaceous biennial plant of the species Lunaria annua, grown for its attractive spring flowering and dried silver seed pod middles, native
    2. A tropical vining plant of the species Epipremnum aureum, native to northern Australia and much of southern and eastern Asia.
    3. A small, fleshy-leaved plant of the species Crassula ovata
    4. A small plant with very round, dark green leaves, of the species Pilea peperomioides, native to southern China.
    5. Pachira aquatica, a tropical wetland tree, native to Central and South America.known by a variety of common names including



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