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Alternative forms[edit]


monster +‎ -ize


monsterize (third-person singular simple present monsterizes, present participle monsterizing, simple past and past participle monsterized)

  1. To make something or someone into a monster.
    • 2010, Forrest J Ackerman, Vampirella Archives[1], volume 1, page 331:
      "IRON-ON" MONSTERS Itie newest way to "Monsterize" your shirts. T-shirts, sweat shirts, jeans, jackets, notebooks-any tiling
  2. To give someone a very bad reputation; demonize, vilify.
    • 2003, Belinda Morrissey, When women kill: questions of agency and subjectivity[2], page 25:
      Vilification/monsterization denies agency by insisting upon the evil nature of the murderess, thus causing her to lose
    • 2002, Mark Thornton Burnett, Constructing 'monsters' in Shakespearean drama and early modern culture[3], page 93:
      The particular conjunction of politics and 'monsters' in Richard III 'monsterizes' an already 'monstrous' language and institution, a reflection of the level of anxiety generated by the succession crisis in the 1590s.
    • 2006, Michael Finkel, True Story: Murder, Memoir, Mea Culpa[4]:
      “I'd admit the past & monsterize myself in the eyes of the jury,” he wrote. “I would try to be emotionless, to add credibility to that monsterization.


Related terms[edit]