more equal

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Originated by George Orwell in the 1945 quotation, below.


more equal (comparative form only)

  1. (idiomatic, ironic) Ostensibly equal, but in reality more privileged.
    • 1945 August 17, George Orwell, chapter 10, in Animal Farm: A Fairy Story, London: Secker & Warburg, OCLC 3655473:
      All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.
    • 2006, Marie-Bénédicte Dembour, Who Believes in Human Rights?, p. 122
      ... men who supposedly enjoyed equality and freedom, but in fact did not. The rich more equal than the poor at Strasbourg? ... is there a gap between what human rights say they do and what they actually do?
    • 2007, Mark Knoller, President Bush Rides In Style, CBS News
      All the world leaders at the G-8 Summit are supposed to be equal in stature. But in some ways, President George W. Bush is more equal than others.
    • 2007, Neil Clark, Monday May 21, 2007, The Guardian, If the world is his oyster (discussing Bernard Kouchner)
      He clearly believes some states are more equal than others.