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moreso (not comparable)

  1. Nonstandard spelling of more so.
    • 1969, Nels Anderson, "The Uses and Worth of Language", in Nels Anderson (editor), Studies in Multilingualism, E. J. Brill, page 1:
      Food and other essential resources are limited, and are likely to become moreso.
    • 1997, Hana S. Noor Al-Deen, Cross-Cultural Communication and Aging in the United States, page 30:
      We grow more like ourselves in our past, only moreso.
    • 2000, Conrad Totman, A History of Japan, page 337:
      Consequently, he concluded, new arrangements are necessary and will become moreso in future.
    • 2004, Jeffrey B. Little, Understanding Wall Street, page 140:
      The investment environment in the seven years immediately preceding the 1987 crash was as favorable, if not moreso, than the years prior to the 1929 crash.

Usage notes[edit]

Though frequent in informal writing, some arbiters of English usage[1][2][3] consider “moreso” an incorrect form of “more so”, sometimes citing the fact that in many cases the "so" is included tautologically, and the word “more” is all that is needed. "Moreso" appearing in print (for example, in the quotations above) may be unintentional (that is, a typo) in the form of an accidentally omitted space.

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