morning-after pill

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morning-after pill (plural morning-after pills)

  1. A contraceptive in the form of a pill taken shortly after sexual intercourse.
    • 1967 October 7, “Estrogens' Double Life”, in Science News, volume 92, number 15, JSTOR 3952059, page 343:
      Dr. Morris and his colleagues have reported on one experimental compound designed specifically to be a morning-after pill.
    • 2010 October 12, Faith Agostinone-Wilson, Marxism and Education Beyond Identity: Sexuality and Schooling, Palgrave Macmillan, page 172:
      These policy efforts confuse the public into thinking that the morning-after pill, which is simply a super-dose of the regular pill, is the same as mifepristone, the abortion pill.
    • 2013 March 5, Bronwen Pardes, Doing It Right: Making Smart, Safe, and Satisfying Choices About Sex[1], →ISBN:
      Even after a girl has sex, it's not too late to prevent her from dropping an egg. That's what the morning-after pill does.
    • 2013 April 15, Pam Belluck, “Judge Strikes Down Age Limits on Morning-After Pill”, in The New York Times[2]:
      A federal judge on Friday ordered that the most common morning-after pill be made available over the counter for all ages, instead of requiring a prescription for girls 16 and younger.