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Inherited from Middle French moyen, from Old French moien, earlier meien, inherited from Latin mediānus. Doublet of médian, a borrowing, and also of misaine.


  • IPA(key): /mwa.jɛ̃/
  • (file)


moyen m (plural moyens)

  1. way, method, mean of doing something
  2. medium


Derived terms[edit]


  • Swedish: mojäng


moyen (feminine moyenne, masculine plural moyens, feminine plural moyennes)

  1. middle
  2. average
  3. (Canada, informal, euphemistic) Big; impressive; serious
    • 1996, Chrystine Brouillet, C'est pour mieux t'aimer mon enfant, →ISBN, page 52:
      "Tu t’es embarquée dans une moyenne galère, Biscuit!"
      You got yourself something big there, Cookie!
  4. (linguistics) middle
    • 1976, Cornelius J. Ruigh, “Observations sur la flexion des verbes du type τρίβω, φρύγω: l'origine des alternances ῑ/ῐ et ῡ/ῠ”, in Studies in Greek, Italic, and Indo-European linguistics: offered to Leonard R. Palmer on the occasion of his seventieth birthday, June 5, 1976, →ISBN, page 340:
      [N]ormalement, le vocalisme radical du parfait moyen est semblable à celui de l’aoriste passif[.]
      Normally, the root vocalism of the perfect middle is similar to that of the aorist passive.


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