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mucous +‎ -y


mucousy (comparative more mucousy, superlative most mucousy)

  1. Suggesting mucus; slimy.
    • 2005, Jo Ann White, Shih tzu (page 35)
      Do all the puppies seem healthy, with no mucousy discharge from the nose, no loose stools, and no foul smell from their ears? Are their coats clean and full? Do they have plenty of energy when awake?
    • 2008 March 21, Roberta Smith, Andro Wekua, Dan Walsh, Ken Johnson, Mark Handforth, Karen Rosenberg And George Condo, “Art in Review”, in New York Times[1]:
      He makes obstreperous, richly glazed ceramic vessels that suggest charred remains; totemic sculptures webbed with mucousy, macramélike drips of resin; large, dark collages dotted with constellations of tiny images of artifacts; and drawings, photographs and short videos.