muff diving

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Alternative forms[edit]


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muff diving (not comparable)

  1. (vulgar, slang) Performing cunnilingus; that performs cunnilingus.
    • 1944, United States National Labor Relations Board, Court Decisions Relating to the National Labor Relations Act:
      Profanity, vile name calling, including "muff diving fink" and manners ordinarily frowned upon []
    • 2006, Gary Phillips, “The Man for the Job”, in Dublin Noir:
      This wasn’t no excursion to some all broads college with me working to get some muff diving professor and her prize pupil back with me to my room.



muff diving (uncountable)

  1. (vulgar, slang) Cunnilingus.
    • 1991, Charles M. Wilmoth, The Drama Review, volume 35, number 3:
      The Archaeology of Muff Diving.