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mullah +‎ -cracy


mullahcracy (usually uncountable, plural mullahcracies)

  1. Rule by Islamic religious leaders, or mullahs.
    • 1953, (Please provide the book title or journal name)[1], page 474:
      [] a firm stand against Mullahcracy is essential for the political and religious health of the country.
    • 1987, August 30, Khomeini's Guile[2]:
      [] officials of the ruling mullahcracy threaten to haul one of the French diplomats before an Islamic court on charges of espionage.
    • 2009, October 21, ‘Govt-mullah axis leading to anarchy’[3]:
      He said that, unfortunately, the mullahcracy is politicising religion to serve their selfish ends.


Derived terms[edit]