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multi- +‎ algorithm


multialgorithm (not comparable)

  1. Involving more than one algorithm.



multialgorithm (plural multialgorithms)

  1. A collection of varied algorithms that are applied to the same problem, either interleaved or in parallel.
    • 2006, John Nazareth, Differentiable Optimization and Equation Solving, ISBN 0387217886, page 201:
      Also, mixed strategies developed in Nazareth and Qi [1996], which interleave the sum-of-squares merit function and the Lagrangian-based potential function in order to enhance robustness without sacrificing efficiency, can be replaced by pure strategies (basic forms of the algorithms) that run, in parallel, within the framework of a multialgorithm.
    • 2010, Alan C. Bovik, Handbook of Image and Video Processing, ISBN 0080533612, page 1283:
      To improve the robustness of biometric systems, multisamples (multiple sampes of the same biometric characteristic), multialgorithms (multiple algorithms with the same biometric sample), and multimodal (different biometric characteristics) biometric systems have been developed.