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multi- +‎ protocol


multiprotocol (not comparable)

  1. Involving or supporting more than one protocol.
    • 1982, Digital Design, volume 12, page 62:
      Unlike earlier generation units, new multiprotocol terminals can, under user control, “talk” in any communications protocol.
    • 1987, Larry E. Jordan, Communications and Networking for the IBM Pc and Compatibles, page 111:
      In a business environment that may require communications between the IBM PC and devices or host computers in a variety of protocols, a multiprotocol communications capability may be advantageous.
    • 2004, Jun Zheng, Optical WDM Networks: Concepts and Design Principles[1], page 211:
      As a result of these efforts, multiprotocol lambda switching (MPLmS) and, more recently, generalized multiprotocol label switching (G-MPLS) have been proposed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) as the control plane for dynamic provisioning and restoration of lightpaths in optical networks.