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multi- +‎ use


multiuse (not comparable)

  1. (chiefly architecture) Able to accommodate multiple uses
    • 1988 June 3, Paul Botts, “A New Old Ballpark”, in Chicago Reader[1]:
      The new stadium and park would be lined on three sides with multiuse row house buildings containing commercial, office, and loft residential space.
    • 2010, Dr. Mukesh Dhunna, J. B. Dixit, Information Technology in Business Management (page 168)
      A computer is a programmable, multiuse machine that accepts data — raw facts and figures — and processes, or manipulates, it into information we can use []


multiuse (uncountable)

  1. The use of something for more than one purpose.
    • 1980, Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area (N.R.A.), General Management Plan
      Normally a visitor does not participate in one activity to the exclusion of others. One main activity, such as swimming, will be supplemented by other activities and use of other facilities, such as picnicking, hiking, stopping at an overlook, and so forth. Such multiuse is usually expressed in activity days.