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muste (ink) +‎ kala (fish), calque of Swedish bläckfisk (octopus).



  1. Any of the coleoid species, which form the taxonomic subclass Coleoidea (mustekalat); including e.g.octopus, squid (calamari), cuttlefish.
  2. bungee (elastic fabric-bound strap with a hook at each end)
  3. British Bulldog, octopus tag (children's game in which on every turn players run from one end of a the playfield to another, with an in-field player tagging players which then become stationary taggers themselves)
    Synonym: kuka pelkää mustaa miestä

Usage notes[edit]

“Inkfish” usually denotes “cuttlefish” in English, whereas its Finnish calque mustekala refers to any animal in the subclass Coleoidea, within which the Sepiida are an order. These terms are thus false friends.


Inflection of mustekala (Kotus type 9/kala, no gradation)
nominative mustekala mustekalat
genitive mustekalan mustekalojen
partitive mustekalaa mustekaloja
illative mustekalaan mustekaloihin
singular plural
nominative mustekala mustekalat
accusative nom. mustekala mustekalat
gen. mustekalan
genitive mustekalan mustekalojen
partitive mustekalaa mustekaloja
inessive mustekalassa mustekaloissa
elative mustekalasta mustekaloista
illative mustekalaan mustekaloihin
adessive mustekalalla mustekaloilla
ablative mustekalalta mustekaloilta
allative mustekalalle mustekaloille
essive mustekalana mustekaloina
translative mustekalaksi mustekaloiksi
instructive mustekaloin
abessive mustekalatta mustekaloitta
comitative mustekaloineen
Possessive forms of mustekala (type kala)
possessor singular plural
1st person mustekalani mustekalamme
2nd person mustekalasi mustekalanne
3rd person mustekalansa



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