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myelomat- (stem of myeloma) +‎ -osis


myelomatosis (countable and uncountable, plural myelomatoses)

  1. (pathology) multiple myeloma
    • 1903, “A Case of Multiple Myeloma (Myelomatosis) with Bence-Jones Proteid in the Urine”, in Medico-Chirugical Transactions[1], number 83, page 395-470:
      If the tumour be termed myeloma the whole process may, for this reason, justly be termed "myelomatosis."
    • 1904, Journal of Pathology and Bacteriology[2], volume 9, number 2:
      At the necropsy the bone marrow of all the bones examined was found to be more or less affected by a diffuse sarcoma-like growth of rounded or polyhedral mononuclear cells- a form of "multiple myeloma" or "myelomatosis".