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Blend of mythology +‎ story arc, used originally and most commonly in reference to The X-Files.


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mytharc (plural mytharcs)

  1. (fandom slang) The ongoing story arc that underpins all episodes of a television series.
    • 1999, "Heath Smith", TAN: Neon Genesis and how to do the mytharc properly (on newsgroup
      This [Neon Genesis Evangelion] is one show that -really- has me sucked in. And yes, their mytharc has to be the most perfectly constructed thing I've ever seen. :)
    • 2000, "Allronix", An open letter to Ms. Roddenberry (on newsgroup
      I think this is what you seek to avoid in mytharcs - a plot that drowns out the character-based drama and morality plays that are still Gene's finest legacy.
    • 2008, J. P. Telotte, The essential science fiction television reader (page 234)
      The mytharc is a continuous story line about the government's involvement in a plot to cover up the presence of extraterrestrials on Earth.