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ná- (around) + -hi- (seriative) + -oo- (yi-progressive 3rd person subject prefix) + -Ø- (classifier)-kǫs (progressive stem of root -KĘ́Ę́Z, “a slender stiff object moves”).




  1. (of a slender stiff object) to turn over and over, turn around and around, revolve

Usage notes[edit]

This verb is limited to expression in the third person.

This verb uses only the progressive mode.


Paradigm: Progressive (yi), third person only.



  1. north
  2. Big Dipper
  3. swastika

Usage notes[edit]

Each of the four cardinal directions is associated with a different color. Náhookǫs is associated with the color black (łizhin), and is considered the fourth direction. This direction is associated with the end of the day, with night, and with spiritual knowledge and the evaluation of our lives and the outcome of our day, as well as assurance and wisdom (siih hasin). The end of the day is when we determine to change things for the better or to see that we are on the right path. It also represents the hashtłʼishnii clan. When the sun moves far to the south (wintertime), it is as though the north draws closer, and the first snowfall signals that it is permissible to recount the creation stories.