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From nākams (coming, which is to come) +‎ -ība (with nākams, a present passive participle, from nāk(t) (to come) +‎ -ams).


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nākamība f (4th declension)

  1. (poetic) future (the time period after the present; circumstances, prospects for such time period)
    nākamībā nekad vairs netaisīšu parādus; uz priekšu būšu godīgsin the future I will never again make debts; I will from now on be honest, honorable
    Liepāja: kāda tu esi šodien, kāda būsi rīt?... ko tu no savas bagātās pagātnes paņemsi līdzi nākamībā? — Liepāja: what are you like now, what will you be like tomorrow?... what will you take along from your rich past into the future?