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n-tuple (plural n-tuples)

  1. (mathematics) A tuple containing n terms.
    • 1995, Rohwer, R.J., Fourth International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks: Two Bayesian treatments of the n-tuple recognition method, Aston Univ., Birmingham [1]:
      Two probabilistic interpretations of the n-tuple recognition method are put forward in order to allow this technique to be analysed with the same Bayesian methods used in connection with other neural network models.
    • 1998, Lucas, S.M., Vision, Image and Signal Processing, IEE Proceedings: Continuous n-tuple classifier and its application to real-time face recognition, Dept. of Electron. Syst. Eng., Essex Univ., Colchester [2]:
      The continuous n-tuple classifier was proposed by the author as a new type of n-tuple classifier that is ideally suited to problems where the input is continuous or multi-level rather than binary.
    • 1999, D. Chan,1 S. Hockaday, R.D. Tillett, and L.G. Ross, 7th International Conference on Image Processing and its Applications: A trainable n-tuple pattern classifier and its application for monitoring fish underwater [3]:
      Therefore an image processing technique that utilises a trainable n-tuple pattern recognition algorithm is under investigation.