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Alternative forms[edit]


nailbat (plural nailbats)

  1. (informal) A baseball bat with a nail or nails in it, as a weapon.
    • 1997, Sept 20: Luke Drelick, Need help in Temple of the Ancients:,, Usenet
      It helps a BUNDLE if Cloud is equipped with barely any materia except Restore + Nail Bat, and Tifa is equipped with barely any materia + Tiger Hand.
    • 1997, Nov 27: "Unright", Need help with Final Fantasy 7?,, Usenet
      What size nail is in the nailbat?
    • 2000, Mar 6: "He of the Red Glasses", how many nails does it take? [ot], alt.gothic, Usenet
      Or just a baseball bat with a (long) nail in it. Long live the Nailbat! It will smite you with much smite!
    • 2000, Apr 8: Matt, 10,000 Promises anyone?,, Usenet
      Tell the toaster oven you love and appreciate it, then have at it with a nail bat while it sleeps lest it sway the eggbeater and blender its way.
    • 2001, Mar 18: "Grim Serrator", Catastrophe?,, Usenet
      you just sodomized all my chances with a nailbat.
    • 2003: John Logan, Bringing Something Back
      Did Sean really not remember me, not even threatening me with a knife or his home-made nail-bat?