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nappie (plural nappies)

  1. Alternative form of nappy:
    1. A diaper.
      • 1954, Ernest Cady, We Adopted Three, page 65,
        Depositing Susie in the bathinette, I removed the soiled nappie.
    2. A shallow bowl.
      • 1941, Beth Bailey McLean, The Table Graces, page 19,
        For family service, the 4-inch nappie is more practical than the sherbet glass.
      • 2003, Bob Page, Dale Frederiksen, Dean Six, Homer Laughlin: Decades of Dinnerware, page 219,
        The solid colored pieces sold with this line were the nappie, fruit bowl, creamer, sugar bowl with lid, and cup.
      • 2009, Joan E. Kaiser, The Glass Industry in South Boston, page 114,
        Numerous Eastern and Midwestern glasshouses produced the nappie in several sizes.
    3. A type of strong ale.
      • a. 1846, Robert Burns, Comforts of the Poor, 1846, Henry Corbould, The Book of the Poets, page 448,
        An' whyles twalpennie-worth o′ nappie / Can mak the bodies unco happy ;