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An acronym for "not a real gentleman" Someone who discusses matters of business when not working. (Can this(+) etymology be sourced?)


narg (plural nargs)

  1. (Internet) A nerd, someone with extensive knowledge of a particular technical field.
    • 1994 November 7, "purvis" (username), "Postal Tiddlywinks", in, Usenet:
      Perhaps I can be of some assistance here, as I appear to be a member of the Rules subcommittee and am therefore (and for other reasons to numerous to mention) a narg.
    • 1997, November 4, Sunday lunch, cam.misc
      I don't work in the computer industry, either, but all my friends are sad nargs who sit around talking about things like HHGTTG.
    • 1998, June 11, Unusual job for talented computer programmer, cam.misc
      ... most of my adult life going out with a succession of computer programmers, physicists, engineers, budding mathematicians and general nargs of both sexes.
    • 2001 Februay 2, "Vicky Larmour" (username), "Any americans reading this? - HELP!!!!", in cam.misc, Usenet:
      > Tried that myself as a kid (must be an inquisitive nargy engineering
      > thing).
      Oi! Brown! Are you calling me a narg? Oh well, fair enough I suppose :-)
    • 2011, Ruth Dudley Edwards, Corridors of Death: A Robert Amiss/Baronness Jack Troutback Mystery, page 116:
      'I mean what makes you think he's a poofdah, you narg?' 'I 'aven't got where I am today wivout bein' able to spot a poofdah when I see one. Besides, I used to listen to 'im on the phone talkin' to 'is poofdah friends.

Derived terms[edit]