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From nark +‎ -y.



narky (comparative narkier, superlative narkiest)

  1. (Britain, Australia, Ireland, slang) Irritated, in a bad mood; disparaging.
    • 1995, Linda Grant, The Cast Iron Shore, Granta, 1998, page 61,
      The war had made Stan narkier than ever.
    • 2003, Justine Larbalestier, A Buffy Confession, Glenn Yeffeth (editor), Seven Seasons of Buffy: Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors Discuss Their Favorite Television Show, BenBella Books, US, page 83,
      I′m now one of those people I used to defend the show against. There is no one more bitter than an ex-true believer. Color me narky and picky.
    • 2005, Maxim Jakubowski (editor), The Best British Mysteries 2005, page 191,
      It was a special request and Mrs. Fleming had to do it all on the spot, so that′s made her even more narky than usual.
    • 2005, Mark Latham, The Latham Diaries, page 141,
      Foolishly, I went to the National Right dinner last night. What a narky, miserable bunch of sods.
    • 2008, Amanda Brunker, Champagne Kisses, page 46,
      I had to endure the narkiest taxi driver complaining about ‘Foreign lads takin′ taxi plates’, who then managed to test my patience even more by leaving me a good walk from Parker′s apartment block.
    • 2008, Claudia Carroll, Do You Want to Know a Secret?, Random House, UK, unnumbered page,
      Age is definitely making me narkier. The only difference between me and my moany Auntie Maisie is a plaid shopping trolley and a tracheotomy.