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neo- +‎ realist


neorealist (comparative more neorealist, superlative most neorealist)

  1. Of or pertaining to the post World War II international relations movement of neorealism.
  2. (film) Of or pertaining to the post-World War II Italian movement of neorealism, which focused on realistic portrayals of daily life
  3. (art) Of or pertaining to the neorealism movement in art, which emerged in Britain around 1914

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neorealist (plural neorealists)

  1. An adherent of neorealism
    • 2009, January 13, “Dave Kehr”, in New DVDs: Roberto Rossellini[1]:
      Rossellini was one of a diverse group of filmmakers, including Luchino Visconti and Vittorio De Sica, who became known as neorealists for their determination to get out of the studio and rediscover a sense of gritty, working-class authenticity.