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From Joannes Neper, the Latinized name of John Napier, a Scottish mathematician.



neper (plural nepers)

  1. (electronics) A non-SI unit of the attenuation (or sometimes gain) of field and power quantities such as electronic signals; the natural logarithm of a ratio, with 1 Np (a ratio of 2.718:1) being equivalent to 8.686 dB.
    • 1994, T. G. Leighton, The Acoustic Bubble, page 28,
      Values of b, the amplitude attenuation constant, are given for various materials in Table 1.1. Having dimensions of [length]-1, it is usually measured in nepers per centimetre (Np cm-1).
    • 2006, R. K. Shevgaonkar, Electromagnetic Waves, page 15,
      The unit of α is nepers per meter. It can be easily seen that if a line has an attenuation constant of 1 neper/m, a unit amplitude voltage wave will reduce to e-1 over a distance of 1 meter.
    • 2008, Alan J. Fenn, Adaptive Phased Array Thermotherapy for Cancer, page 105,
      The attenuation constant for the phantom muscle tissue is αm = 10.0 nepers/m.

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Norwegian Bokmål[edit]


neper m or f

  1. indefinite plural of nepe

Norwegian Nynorsk[edit]


neper f

  1. indefinite plural of nepe