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nerd +‎ -fest


nerdfest (plural nerdfests)

  1. (informal) A gathering of nerds or an event centered around the interests of nerds.
    • 1994, "Home Computers", BusinessWeek, 27 November 1994:
      On Nov. 14, at Comdex, the industry's annual nerdfest in Las Vegas, Chairman William H. Gates III unveiled the Microsoft Network, an on-line service that he says will draw millions more consumers into the Information Age.
    • 2007, Scott Adams, Stick to Drawing Comics, Monkey Brain!: Cartoonist Explains Cloning, Blouse Monsters, Voting Machines, Romance, Monkey Gods, How to Avoid Being Mistaken for a Rodent, and More, Portfolio (2007), →ISBN, unnumbered page:
      At a recent nerdfest, where it was decided Pluto wasn't a real planet, one of the scientists held up a stuffed Pluto (the Walt Disney kind) and an umbrella, and wittily pointed out that Pluto was under the umbrella of planets that include “dwarf planets.”
    • 2008, Danny Fingeroth, The Rough Guide to Graphic Novels, Rough Guides (2008), →ISBN, page 293:
      Originally a single event in Sydney in 2000 named "comicfest", this expo has now grown into a country-spanning event, with gatherings in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Perth. A huge all-encompassing nerdfest, it attracts a huge crowd of Aussies hoping to meet their favourite creators and stars.
  2. (informal) Something which appeals to or is characteristic of nerds.
    • 2009, Pat Pilcher, "Is Air NZ's in-flight tech enough to make flying fun?", The New Zealand Herald, 16 December 2009:
      The in flight nerdfest doesn't stop with video either. Air NZ has used active noise cancellation system supplied by local noise cancelling gurus, Phitek.
    • 2010, Melissa Howell & Greg Howell, Fusion: Where You and God Connect, Review and Herald (2010), →ISBN, page 150:
      I remember the day I walked into Barnes and Nobles shortly after George Lucas released his latest nerdfest, Revenge of the Sith.
    • 2011, Kevin Hearne, Hexed, Del Rey (2011), →ISBN, page 67:
      When Oberon says things like that, it takes all my will not to dive into a Star Wars nerdfest; []