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From nether- +‎ garment.


nethergarment (plural nethergarments)

  1. An article of clothing worn underneath; undergarment.
    • 1865, Louis Spohr, Louis Spohr's autobiography:
      Much too conscientious a Musician, to omit a note of his part, he patiently waited for the pauses, to pull up his nethergarment again.
    • 2000, Iris Brooke, James Laver, English Costume from the Seventeenth Through the Nineteenth Centuries:
      With this form of nethergarment the stockings are tied just below the knees, and often hanging over the garter like the tops of boots.
    • 2011, Roy Blount Jr., Alphabetter Juice: Or, the Joy of Text:
      [...] a narrow nethergarment, leaves more than you might think to the imagination.