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From never +‎ mind (in never mind).


nevermind (plural neverminds)

  1. (US regional) Attention, heed.
    • 2002, William Walling, It's Too Late to Leave Early‎:
      Hell, they've got groundrules and guidelines comin' out the kazoo, but do they pay any nevermind to 'em?
  2. (US regional) Concern, affair.
    • 1949, A.B. Guthrie, Jr., The Way West[1], page 22:
      "... buy what he wants. It's none of your nevermind."
    • 2008, Gary Franklin, Blood at Bear Lake‎, page 76:
      "These is my brothers, Tom and Benjamin. We's from Missoura. Would you be Yankee or Secesh?" / "Neither one," Joe said. "Not that it's any nevermind o' yours, Mr. Wickersham."
  3. (US regional) Consequence; significant change in or effect on a situation or state; difference.
    • 1926, Lester Cohen, Sweepings[2], page 306:
      Let 'em say she was his mistress, that she was a witch. Wasn't true, but it didn't make any nevermind if they thought it was. Nice woman, quiet, could tell the cards.
    • 1997, Annie Jones, Irish Eyes, →ISBN, page 211 [3]:
      Either way—doesn't mean no nevermind to me, you understand.
    • 2002, Lee Gramling, Ninety-Mile Prairie, Pineapple Press, →ISBN, page 248 [4]:
      So it don't make a heap of nevermind to me which one you choose!
    • 2005, Larry Jay Martin, O'Rourke's Revenge‎, page 21:
      If'n it makes any nevermind, you'll be grubbin' alongside me.


For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:nevermind.



nevermind (third-person singular simple present neverminds, present participle neverminding, simple past and past participle neverminded)

  1. (US regional) To ignore.
    • 1989, William Mills, The Arkansas: An American River, page 159
      Nevermind a sustainable river, a sustainable earth, like an improvident farmer who kills his only milk cow because he wants steak tonight.
    • 2002, Chris Lynch, Freewill, page 28
      "Ya, that's a good idea, neverminding. Let's nevermind, huh?"
  2. Misspelling of never mind.
    • 2003, Nina Revoyr, Southland - Page 280
      Nevermind that she didn't know him, or that he was Japanese. Nevermind that she saw herself as always alone, despite the many people in her life.
    • 2005, Alexander T. Newport, The Vomit Factory (Life Is Fake: Death Is Good), page 399
      Nevermind where the eggs & sperm came from. Nevermind how it is that all these planets & stars came from nothing.