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Alternative forms[edit]


From new +‎ create.


newcreate (third-person singular simple present newcreates, present participle newcreating, simple past and past participle newcreated)

  1. (transitive) To create anew; recreate.
    • 1832, Charles Jenkins, Sermons, by the late Rev. Charles Jenkins:
      [...] unless you have some just sense of your dependence on the attendant special efficacy of God's holy spirit — unless you seek with great earnestness of heart the gift of that spirit to newcreate your soul [...]
    • 1835, Austin Dickinson, The national Preacher: Volume 10:
      He only can enter into its secret chambers, analyze it, reveal its secret and hidden lineaments to its own view, control, newcreate, and sanctify it.
    • 1910, Frederick Kuegele, Country sermons. New series: Volume 5:
      [...] but because the things of the Spirit of God are foolishness to the natural man and only Divine power can create a spiritual eye in him, therefore the Holy Ghost is given to so newcreate the heart that it will see spiritual things spiritually.

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Derived terms[edit]