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newscaster +‎ -ess


newscastress (plural newscastresses)

  1. (rare, nonstandard) A female newscaster.
    • 1975, The Review of the News (volume 11, page 39)
      She thought of herself for a moment as a company president, brain surgeon, television newscastress, professional football coach.
    • 1978, Richard Buckle, U and non-U revisited (page 86)
      A noted newscastress pronounces 'duchess' with an accent on the second syllable.
    • 2001, Michael Lynch, The Casinghead Company (page 440)
      On Radio Avila that morning, the newscastress spoke so rapidly that the Tarbuttons could only catch the drift of the events that had overtaken them as well as the distressed Colonel Jimenez.
    • 2001, Elizabeth Searle, Celebrities in disgrace (page 76)
      The video rolled on relentlessly: the newscastress explaining that they had a Home Movie clip of Kathryn's skating debut, of Kathryn Byrne and her very special sister []