nigger nose

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nigger nose (plural nigger noses)

  1. (derogatory, ethnic slur, idiomatic) An insult, a term of contempt for a black person.
    • 1942, Henry Tetlow, We farm for a hobby and make it pay:
      The Mister loved to be teased. He frequently asked for it by lying down and fanning the floor with his tail whilst eyeing you invitingly. We used to tease him about his black nose: called him "nigger nose".
    • 1965, Gertrude L. Downing, The preparations of teachers for schools in culturally deprived ...:
      We get such nicknames as nigger nose, beetle face, big lips, and this tends in a certain way to help gain the closeness of one to the other, but it also acts as a disruptive force in the room
    • 1997, Jefferson A. Singer, Message in a bottle: stories of men and addiction:
      He was teased by his sisters and other children, who called him "nigger nose" and "toe nose."
    • 1998, Laurie Stone, Close to the Bone: Memoirs of Hurt, Rage, and Desire[1], page 16:
      "Nigger — nigger nose!" She laughs. "Fix it? Please?" I don't want to cry. "Sure, nigger nose!"
    • 2001, Allan Gurganus, The practical heart: four novellas:
      ... of nicknames entered my life just as he was leaving it. "Fish Face." "Scrambled-Egg Lips." "Dick Snout." "Dufus." "Nigger-nose." "Bottom Feeder." "Almost Monster."
    • 2008, Richard Baer, Switching Time: A Doctor's Harrowing Story of Treating a Woman ..., page 287:
      ... because he always called me nigger, nigger lips or nigger nose
    • 2010, Gabriel Mendez, Ordinary Boy, page 150:
      She called me 'nigger nose' and 'nigger lips' and remarked on my buck teeth and lisp-y, effeminate voice.