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nigger +‎ ball


niggerball (countable and uncountable, plural niggerballs)

  1. (South Africa, dated, countable) A large black sweet.
    • 1972, Contrast, Volume 8, South African Literary Journal
      Nigger-balls are the best sweets. You get four for a penny. When the black is sucked off you get pink and blue and blue-green, but you can't bite them until you've sucked them small or you'll chip your teeth.
    • 1979, Financial Mail
      That the words of Jeremy Taylor's Ag Pleez, Deddy have been changed to suit the times? No longer " … how we miss niggerballs and licorice … " but " … how we miss bullseyes and … " Ag pleez, Jeremy.
    • 2006, Jocelyn Howe, Crest of eagles:
      niggerballs and liquorice and the soft, brightly-coloured squares that the children loved.
  2. (uncountable, derogatory, offensive, ethnic slur) The sport of basketball.
    • 2002, "Lieberal Death", Your TV viewing for This Evening (on newsgroup
      It's easy to see how Amerika's so easily turning into a police state, give the unwashed masses their television and some niggerball and they'll ignore the fact that they're slaves.
    • 2004, H. A. Covington, A Distant Thunder
      [] two-hundred dollar tennis shoes named after some niggerball player []

Usage notes[edit]

  • Because of the term's offensive connotations, the sweets were renamed in the 1980s to blackballs.

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